June 2017 - Esperanza / Pastor's Choice
July 2017 - Young Life / Kim Zismer and Staci Stringer Cihlar

Young Life doesn’t start with a program. It starts with adults who are concerned enough about kids to go to them, on their turf and in their culture, building bridges of authentic friendship. These relationships don’t happen overnight — they take time, patience, trust and consistency.

August 2017 - Trinity First / Kay Solberg and Sarah Wippich

Trinity First School is an important part of the ministry of Trinity First Lutheran Church. We are about assisting families as they raise their children to achieve all the great things God has in store for them! We believe we have been given the job to provide an outstanding education to families with children aged three through the eighth grade. We also work to provide education and support to the parents and guardians of our students. In short, we are about education, encouragement, and excellence!

September 2017 - People of The Book Lutheran Outreach / Martin Cornes / Nader and Georgette Alaraj

Poblo international is a Christian organization working to transform the way missions is approached in the United States by responding to the changing demographics that have brought the mission field to our own front yard. We serve immigrants and refugees. We train and educate churches on how to engage in cross-cultural outreach. We share the gospel message. We love people.

October 2017 - Operation Christmas Child / Rick Jones

In 2017, our goal is to pack at least 2,000 boxes and we need your continued prayers and support.  Donations are being collected now and here is a list of what we need and the week we are focusing on them:


  • We continue to collect school supplies – markers, colored pencils, highlighters, erasers, pencil sharpeners, scissors, crayons, small notepads, rulers, glue sticks (no liquid glue)


Each week our donation collections will focus on certain things.  You can always bring any donations in, but this provides you a list to help you know our focus for that week.


  • 9/17 we are focusing on soap (bars only, no liquid), washcloths, toothbrush (no toothpaste)
  • 9/24 we are focusing on combs, brushes and hair accessories
  • 10/1 we are focusing on toy cars, small balls, small toys for boys and girls, small stuffed animals
  • 10/8 we are focusing on small stuffed animals, art supplies (coloring books, watercolor paints, small craft projects, bead projects), toys for older boys and girls (10-14 age range)
  • 10/15 we are focusing on hats, gloves, socks for boys and girls, jewelry, small stuffed animals
  • 10/22 we are focusing on small calculators, playing cards, small notepads, small flashlights


We also need many volunteers!  We will be wrapping boxes, sorting donations, staffing our November packing party and manning our drop off site and processing center hours.  More information on how you can sign up to help will be coming soon!


Thank you for your prayers and support of Operation Christmas Child!

November 2017 - Bethan Prison Ministry / Bob Green and Diane Dahlen

With the help of over 100 volunteers we offer spiritual direction, religious services, bible studies, RCIA programs, Cursillo weekends, theology classes, faith sharing and recovery groups to prisoners.

December 2017 - Hospitality House Youth Development / Julie Horihan / Jill Vanden Heuvel

Hospitality House Youth Development (HHYD) provides a Christian outreach, focused on the spiritual, intellectual and physical development of inner city youth and their families.

**January 2018 - Cradle of Hope / Tina Jagandoori


Cradle of Hope encourages life by providing financial aid to women and babies in crisis, especially those women who might not choose life because of financial pressures.

For a pregnant woman and her baby, obtaining the necessary financial and material assistance can relieve an abundance of stress during this already difficult time where she is contemplating her future and the life of her unborn child. Therefore, Cradle of Hope provides the necessary assistance to promote a healthy pregnancy, birth, and a future filled with hope. As we continue to expand, we need your support to be able to serve 1,500 women and 1,500 babies each year.


The board, staff and volunteers of Cradle of Hope believe in the sanctity of human life and strive to achieve the following goals:

To encourage life and prevent abortions from taking place.
To provide a transition from desperation to hope.
To support, encourage, and assist women in carrying their pregnancies to term and caring for their babies after birth.
To provide all Minnesota residents with access to Cradle of Hope’s services.
For more information, visit https://cradleofhope.org/.
February 2018 - Special Ed/ Luth Ed Fund / Dennis Senne / Liz Roe

Our mission as a Christ-centered resource is to support children who have a variety of learning challenges. Our vision is to reach across the United States, serve schools and churches, and support children with learning needs to know Jesus and to lead fulfilling lives.

March 2018 - VEAP / Don Nemeck

VEAP is a basic needs and social services organization whose programs promote access to healthy foods, stable housing and transportation. VEAP’s programs are designed to address a particular need and is aimed to provide hope and help avoid a financial crisis such as loss of housing, transportation or employment. Whether the hardship from is from a disability, job transition, or the financial or physical stress of aging, VEAP has been helping our neighbors in need for over 40 years.

April 2018 - Youth For Christ / Deb Kalkbrenner / Bryan Blomker

Bryan serves as the International Liason Director for Youth for Christ in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, an integral role for Youth for Christ’s strategic focus of reaching all the young people of the world.

May 2018 - Urban Homeworks / Mike Timmerman

The mission of Urban Home Works is to perpetuate the hope of Jesus Christ innovative community  development that produces equitable, dignified housing, a strategic network of good neighbors, and the redemptive development of real estate.

June 2018 - Good in the Hood / Pastor's Choice

Good in the Hood is dedicated to changing lives together with simple acts of kindness. Although our service opportunities are not solely limited to the urban community, we do have purposeful inner city affinity and a commitment to serve those with the most need.

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