A 4th grader whose writing consisted of scribbles on a page because he didn’t know how to write properly. A 2nd grader who didn’t know her alphabet because she hadn’t been in school long enough to learn it. A 5th grader who was a bully in his last school and couldn’t control his behavior in the classroom.

It’s for these students and their families that Trinity First exists. We serve the children who have been slipping through the cracks, the students whose teachers say their behavior is unmanageable, and the kids whose parents are still learning how to parent.

Our mission is “Equipping Learners, Sharing Hope”, and that’s exactly what we strive to do. We are a school that values education and teaches students the academics and the social skills they need to live out in the world. We have a full-time Special Education program to help students with significant needs or the students who need some extra help to bridge the gaps.

At the same time, our most important mission is to share the news of Jesus Christ with our families. Many of them come through our doors because they are looking for an affordable education, not because they are affiliated with a church or desire a Christian education. In fact, only about 40% claim they attend worship. Our prayerful desire is that we will see every student who walks through our doors again in heaven. What an incredible opportunity!

Want to know how God has worked in those students’ lives? That 4th grader is now writing actual words and turning in work that can be graded as more than scribbles. That 2nd grader, after a few months, knew all the sounds of the alphabet and could read short three- and four-letter words. That 5th grader is now going into 8th grade and has blossomed into a leader that his peers want as a friend. Praise the Lord!

How Can You Help?

  1. Volunteer! We need help in our classrooms, afterschool programs, the office, building maintenance, and so much more
  2. Tour the school! Learn more about us and our ministry opportunities
  3. Pray! Sign up for our weekly prayer list (StandInTheGapTF@gmail.com)


For more information, email Educational Support Coordinator Anna VanVleet (vanvleet.tfl@gmail.com) or Principal Sarah Wippich (trinityfirstschool@gmail.com). We look forward to hearing from you!