Global Health Ministries (GHM) feels called to continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ in countries deeply challenged by poverty. For thirty years, GHM has shipped donated medical equipment and supplies to Lutheran mission hospitals and clinics in Cameroon, Madagascar, Tanzania, Nigeria, Liberia, Central African Republic, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, India. Whether equipping new or expanded health facilities with ultrasounds or x-ray machines, or supplementing a mission hospital’s basic supply of bandages or surgical instruments, these shipments help make healthcare accessible for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Often, mission hospitals are the only hope for compassionate care for the poor, regardless of their ability to pay. Financial gifts to GHM’s Shipping Ministry help support this work.

Volunteers like Ruth Meier from St. Michael’s help sort, inventory, fill orders from medical directors or doctors overseas, or pack sea containers for shipping. Last year GHM’s shipping ministry helped equip 133 mission hospitals and mobile health teams for their life-saving work. Ask Ruth how you can be a part of this ministry, or call GHM at 763-586-9590 to find out how you could join her as a volunteer. No medical background needed, just a heart for service.

Watch for more information this month about how you can get involved in this vital mission work! For more information, check out the website