Throughout YFC’s history there has been an unwavering commitment to youth evangelism and biblical Christianity. One of YFC’s slogans over the past fifty years has been “Anchored to the Rock, Geared to the Times.”  YFC strives to both demonstrate and communicate this message of hope, grace and love in a variety of different cultural settings, and always pursuing teens in personal relationships.  Your prayers and financial support continue to help change the lives of young people…one at a time. Stay tuned for ways you can get involved with serving YFC. For more information check out


Your commitment is changing the life of Sharifa, a teenager in Kenya. Through St. Michael’s partnership with Youth for Christ International she is now a Christ follower.


Your partnership is changing the life of Rania, a teenager in Spain. Through St. Michael’s prayers and financial support of Youth for Christ International, Rania has left a life of fear, anger, and sadness is now walking with Christ in love and forgiveness.


Your involvement is changing the life of Bruno, a teenager in São Tomé and Príncipe. With St. Michael’s backing, God used Youth for Christ International to reach Bruno, on the edge of suicide, with the life-giving message of Jesus.


Youth for Christ International is reaching young people everywhere. With the prayers and support of St. Michael’s Youth for Christ international is sharing the life-changing message with young people in over 114 nations and over 6 million young people every year. Thank you!