Mission of the Month:
Bethany Prison Ministry
Bethany Prison Ministry has been sending out Christian books, Bibles, devotionals, study, resource materials and encouraging letters for over 40 years.
Our financial needs cover operational costs, which include postage, paper and envelopes. Our workers are volunteers, the books are all donated and we have no other overhead.
What you can do:
  • Donate financially
  • Donate Christian books and Bibles (see list below)
  • Volunteer
We guarantee you will be blessed. The letters we receive from prisoners around the United States (from almost every state in the union) are simply amazing and actually sometimes very challenging to our own hearts. We often see such a love for God, a commitment to study the Word and a joyful spirit that are encouraged to be the same!
Collect the following:
  • Study Bibles
  • Bible concordances, dictionaries, commentaries, Bible studies
  • These cannot be spiral notebooks or have any metal on them. Hardcover is okay.