St. Michael’s will hold their Christmas pageant December 1 – 3. Before, during, and after the pageant, the women of St. Michaels will hold a bake sale. With all of us working together, the bake sale will be a huge success! (And although this is the “women”s” bake sale, men are welcome and encouraged to volunteer and donate!)
Many hands make light work!!
  • We need your help with baking and volunteering at the event (setup, sales during the event, and/or cleanup).
  • Look for on-line volunteer sign-up in the next couple weeks.
  • Items for donation can be brought Friday, Dec. 1 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Allow time for pricing and setting out your items. Suggested pricing and tags will be available at that time.
What items should I donate?
  • Cookies (including specialty heritage items like Springerle, Krumkake, Rosettes, Spritz)
  • Bars/Brownies
  • Pies
  • Cakes/Coffee Cakes
  • Muffins
  • Breads (quick, yeast, Lefse)
  • Candy
  • Salt Snacks/Snack Mixes
  • Jams/Jellies
  • Gluten-free items
  • Sugar-free items
  • Dog treats!
Refrigeration is not available, so avoid bringing perishable foods (anything containing whipped cream, cream cheese, fresh fruit, etc.)
How many items should I donate?
  • “One item” is any amount of baked good that can be packaged as an individual unit
  • (e.g., one pie, a half dozen bars, one dozen cookies, three Rice Krispies bars, one giant cookie).
  • As many as you are willing to donate….A large pan of bars can be divided into 4-5 gift boxes, a batch of cookies can be packaged in one dozen quantities in a gift box/bag.
How should I package goods?
  • Baked items are often given as gifts, so attractive packaging is needed.
  • Find low cost packaging at dollar stores, thrift stores, Target, JoAnn Fabrics and
  • Michaels.
  • The baked product must be visible inside the packaging by using a window box or cellophane bags.
How should products be labeled?
  • Products should be labeled prior to drop-off with a description of contents and quantity, if applicable (e.g., ½ dozen, 1 dozen, 3 ct., etc.)
  • Note if an item contains nuts, and if so, what kind of nuts.
For more information contact Meg Carlson at or Barb Schaus at
For a PDF version of the above info, click here.