Sunday Evening: 

IMPACT HS Youth Group Night 

Room 38 

and “Connect” 

– Fellowship Hall

 Connect: “An opportunity for youth and others to connect with God and each other through fellowship, modern music, relevant teaching and small discussion groups. “
–      5:30-6pm: Fellowship: refreshments provided for anyone
–      6-6:40pm: Modern Music (in FH)
–      This will include many of the usual elements you would expect for those who are unable to make Sunday morning: contemporary praise music, multi-media, teaching, prayer, application, mission feedback etc, but the content, informal in nature, will aim primarily at those of HS age, but also  young adults, their parents/adults and the de-churched. (If Confirmands are unable to make the Saturday or Sunday morning services, attending Connect will count towards their church attendance.)
–      6:40-6:55pmFellowship: (IMPACT HS Youth Group –  arrives by 6:45pm if they haven’t already.)
–      6:55pm-7:15pm: Relevant Teaching: Biblically based talk on the Ten Commandments. (These will be primarily led by Martin, but others will be encouraged to be involved as gifting determines.)
–      Some weeks will be focused on outreach/mission events as well as social events.
–      7:15-8pm: Small Discussion Groups: IMPACT Youth Group: icebreaker games and group discussion time led by Martin and other leaders.
–      There will also be opportunities for adults to discuss the relevant application of the talk in our lives today, as well as other small groups.

–      8:00-8:30pmFellowship:  Informal hang out/game time in FH

Please be praying for us as we embark on this new format for a Sunday evening.