You Asked For It – This summer we will be answering the questions that you have in regards to your faith and living it out in this broken world. You asked the questions and we are searching God’s word for the answers. Come with curiosity and a desire to apply God’s word to your daily life.

Sermon Preacher Questions being answered
5/21/17 Ascension Sunday Pastor Pat Simmons
5/28/17 Does Jesus Look the Same in Every Culture Pastor Pat Simmons How do we know what Jesus looks like?   Do we make him fit our needs?
6/4/17 Can you Tell me about the Holy Spirit? Pastor Randy Sherren What is the role of the Holy Spirit & Why do we forget it? What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? Is is necessary in Salvation?
6/11/17 When Bad People do Good Pastor Pat Simmons What does God have to say about an apparent unbeliever who gives up his life to save someone?
6/18/17 Was there “Good News” before Jesus? Pastor Pat Simmons How were people saved before Jesus?   Was there good news? Did they have hope?
6/25/17 Christianity: The Way the World Wants It Pastor Pat Simmons If the World Hates Christians, Why did it Celebration the Life of Mother Teresa?
7/2/17 If I Don’t Wake Up In the Morning Dr. Jeff Hinds Where are believers that have passed away?  Non-believers?  When Jesus comes back does he call everyone, living or passed away, and in what order, when he comes agains?  Cremation of the believer, non-believer?  Does it affect the resurrection?
7/9/17 Am I Going Crazy Pastor Randy Sherren
7/16/17 Regenerative Baptism Pastor Randy Sherren Baptism: What if your chidlren or grandchildren are not bapitzed?
7/23/17 Food For the Poor
7/30/17 LBGTQ; How is the Church Supposed to Respond? Pastor Pat Simmons
(Includes divorces and people living together without marriage)
8/6/17 Biblical Anger: Temper Tantrums vs. Righteous Anger Pastor Pat Simmons
8/13/17 Theology that Matters: Two Kinds of Righteousness Pastor Pat Simmons “I knew you in your mother’s womb” I have planned your days; Chose this day whom you will serve; I Cannot by my own reason or strength come to Him but the Holy Spirit Call me
8/20/17 Help Me Understand God’s Plan of Creation Pastor Pat Simmons Go into all the world; Other Sheep I must call that are not of this pasture;   But what about Aztecs, Mayans, China,m Japan, Russia; Did Jesus really want the disciples to evangelize the whole world or the part they were aware of?   Why did it take so long?

Can We Measure Faith

Dr. Jeff Hinds How do we rationalize the question of faith as it relates to our plan and God’s Plan? What about when others say “You have to have more faith.”   That bothers me.
9/3/17 Is God in Control or Involved in our Life? Pastor Pat Simmons Three LCMS Pastors & Three perspectives