This fall we are offering creative ways for children, youth, and adults to keep growing in faith in Jesus Christ and in knowledge of the Word.

  • All of our discipleship offerings will be made available to individuals and families through online resources. Having access is a top priority for us.
  • We also recognize that Sunday school, Confirmation, Bible classes, etc. have different dynamics and needs. To that end we have developed creative ways to be with one another, including small (distanced/masked) groups indoors, outdoor meetings, Zoom, and simultaneous indoor with Zoom.
  • Finally, we ask for your prayers and patience. As the situation changes, we want to adapt and do the next right thing, but we don’t have all the answers. We trust that the Holy Spirit will guide the efforts of the staff as well as your creative ideas to grow in faith and share the faith in your household and with  your neighbors.
  • Check out all the individual ministry pages for updates: children’s ministry, youth ministry, adult education.

In  Christ,
The Discipleship Team ( Pastor Ryan, Jim, Matt, and Michelle)