In the Word at Home

During this time of social distancing, we are offering the following resources to you and/or your family. We are praying that this season provides some meaningful times of quiet study, prayer, or family togetherness as you seek hope, wisdom, encouragement, and greater knowledge of His love that is expressed in the Word. Check back often for new resources.


A Warning
Blind Violence
Save Yourself

Right Now Media: free movies, studies, and on-demand inspirational videos for adults and children

Right Now Media is a Christian, multi-media resource website that gives you thousands of videos (for children and adults) to access for FREE because SMLC has a license with them. Many of you are already using it, but for those of you would like this free discipleship resource, all you have to do is get your cell phone out. Text “rightnow smlb” to 41411. That’s right…it is “rightnow smlb”, NOT “smlcb.” It is case-sensitive. Send that text message to 41411 and you will receive a response to fill out your personal profile. Once your profile is set, you can log in from any computer. What a great resource to use during this time of isolation!

There are hundreds of Bible studies, inspirational talks and a variety of resources to choose from for adults; AND there are hundreds of children’s movies, devotionals, and studies as well. One popular series is Buck Denver. With Christmas coming up, their most popular short movie is “Buck Denver’s Why Do they call it Christmas?” – not only informational but very humorous!

Resources for Children and Families

Podcast – Helping Kids Navigate Anxiety
Help Your Struggling Child Grieve Their Pre-Coronavirus Life – with Connected Families
Is Your Child Refusing to Do Schoolwork? – with Connected Families
What To Do When Your Child Interrupts a Conference Call – with Connected Families

SMLC Bible Studies (Zoom Studies from Jim Anderson)

Group Study #1
Group Study #2
Group Study #3
Group Study #4
Group Study #5
Group Study #6